Engage Korea 2013, Oxford University, United Kingdom

Plenary 1:  DPRK Politics: Style and Substance
Moderator:  James HoareCharge d'Affairs Pyongyang (established first British Embassy in Pyongyang) , Conference Academic Advisory Board Member

Ambassador Karen Wolstenholme
                Former UK Ambassador to DPRK 2011-2012
                Topic: Prospects for change in DPRK

Tat Yan Kong
              Reader in Comparative Politics & Development Studies at SOAS, University of London
              Topic: The North Korean Political System in Comparative Perspective

Heonik Kwon
              Senior Research Fellow in Anthropology, Trinity College, University of Cambridge
              Topic: North Korea's Legacy Politics

Plenary 2:  International Relations and DPRK
Moderator: Ramon Pacheco Pardo, Lecturer in the Department of European & International Studies at King's College London

Christoph Bluth
FRHistS, School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds
              Topic: DPRK’s Nuclear and Missile Program

Aidan Foster-Carter
              Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Sociology & Modern Korea, Leeds University
              Topic: Inter-Korean Relations: Has Sunshine Been Eclipsed?

Adam Cathcart
              Lecturer in Asian History, Queen’s University; Assistant Professor of History at Pacific Lutheran University
              Topic:  DPRK-China relations: How China engages DPRK, particularly in the shared border region

Panel Session 3a:  International Roles in Economic Development
Moderator:  Matthew Bates,  Aminex PLC; Economics and Trade Analyst, SinoNK.com                                     

Christopher Davis
Reader in Command and Transition Economies, Department of Economics and School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford
            Topic: Lessons for Economic Reform in North Korea from Economic Changes in Russia, Eastern Europe and China

Christopher Green
Manager of International Affairs, Daily NK; Assistant Editor, SinoNK            
            Topic: Marketization and Yuanization

Ambassador John Everard
            Former British Ambassador to North Korea, 2006-2008; Former Coordinator, UN Panel of Experts established pursuant to Security Council
                    Resolution 1874, 2011-2012
              Topic: Role of Sanctions on DPRK

Keun-Wook Paik 
               Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies & Associate Fellow, Chatham House. 
               Topic: DPRK's Energy Dilemma

Panel Session 3b: Humanitarian Engagement, including Capacity Building - An Alternative Means of Diplomacy?
Moderator: Sabine Burghart, Lecturer and PhD Candidate, University of Vienna

Katharina Zellweger 
              Pan Tech Fellow in Korean Studies at Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University.
              Topic: Role of Humanitarian aid and development cooperation in the DPRK

Asaph Young Chun
              Director and Professor, Pyongyang Summer Institute in Survey Science & Quantitative Methodology; Program Chair of Statistics Without Borders, American Statistical Association
              Topic: Track "n" Organic Diplomacy in DPRK: Can Science Diplomacy Accomplish What Governments Cannot?

Magnus Andersson
              Research Fellow in Asian Studies and Assistant Professor in Human Geography, Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies at Lund 
              Topic: Swedish Engagement with DPRK

Breakout Discussion Groups (Delegates choose one session)

Group 1

A) Matthew Bates
Aminex PLC; Economics and Trade Analyst, SinoNK.com 
                Topic:The DPRK Economy: Information and Interpretations

B) Nathan Beauchamp-Mustafaga
              Research Assistant, The International Institute for Strategic Studies
               Topic:China's North Korea Policy: The Evolution of Bureaucratic Politics, Leverage and the U.S. Angle

C) Gianluca Spezza
                Co-director, NK News; Master in Humanities, University of Torino, M.Soc.Sc in Asian Studies
                 Topic:North Korea's approach to international education: lessons learned, opportunities and challenges

D) Kate Hext and Aidan Foster-Carter
                Lecturer in English, University of Exeter
                 Topic:Cultural Engagement with North Korea

Group 2

A) Sabine Hae-Ran van Ameijden 
               MA International Peace and Security, King’s College London
               Topic: Economic reform and regime stability in North Korea, focusing on Special Economic Zones 

B) Jinsun Bae
                Research Associate in Human Geography at Lund University
                Topic:China’s Center-Border Interactions regarding Yanbian’s Opening-up toward DPRK

C) Christopher Davis
              Reader in Command and Transition Economies, Department of Economics and School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford
              Topic:Health and Reform of Medical Care in North Korea: Lessons from Russia, Eastern Europe and China

D) Robert Winstanley-Chesters
                PhD Candidate, University of Leeds
                Topic: Ideology and the Construction of Landscape in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea