In an effort to extend our discussions outside of our conference venues, we are now offering our online educational courses on the DPRK featuring academics and professionals with extensive knowledge about DPRK. These free short courses are designed for scholars, practitioners, and qualified students who are selected through an application process. We launched our first health course, which was well-received with over twenty applicants, in Summer 2015. We will offer a iteration of the course and will also offer an economics course in Summer 2017.


Upcoming Courses in 2017


Healthcare  from Mid July to Mid August

Apply here by June 6, 2017 

'Considering Economic Engagement' course  from 12 June - 6 August

Apply here by June 6, 2017


The cost of each DPRK Webinar Series Short Course is $5.00, which will be collected through PayPal to help cover online programming costs and administrative fees. Any remaining funds will be used to help Engage Korea further its educational efforts.

Questions? Please contact